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This is a cough suppressant. But isn't hydrocodone for pain relief? What's diffferent about the cough formula? Does it have the same effects as the "loratab" pain pill. hydrocodone (hycodan) same thing Best Answer: They do not show up as the same thing. The most basic drug tests will test for opiates (only naturally occurring drugs like morphine and codeine are ... hydrocodone (hycodan) same thing Obtained a bottle of Hydromet Syrup(ALpharma) generic for Hycodan in a qaunity of 180 ... it will say on the bottle how many mgs per mL ... If it did that would be ... hydrocodone (hycodan) same thing I need some answers- I have been abusing Hycodan (Hydrocodone cough syrup) for several months now. I recieved the first prescripton a couple years ago and noticed ... hydrocodone (hycodan) same thing Hycodan Hycoden is a very effective temporary treatment for coughs. This is because hycoden acts directly upon the nervous system whereas most other treatments act ... hydrocodone (hycodan) same thing Hello All. I was wandring if anyone knows much about oral homatropine, such as that ... I would keep the homatropine dose below 15 mg. Info on the toxic dose of ... hydrocodone (hycodan) same thing Best Answer: "Vicodin " is a type of medicine that is made by a company called Abbot Laboratories. It is one of the different brand names for the drug "Hydrocodone ... hydrocodone (hycodan) same thing Painkiller becomes legal drug of choice By EMILY RICHMOND, Las Vegas Sun. LAS VEGAS (September 16, 2001 1:48 p.m. EDT) - When she needed a fix, Helene would flip ... hydrocodone (hycodan) same thing Hey, if you have a prescription for it, you do not need to worry. If you are taking it as a recreational drug, I think you should re-think things. hydrocodone (hycodan) same thing Are hydrocodone and promethazine the same thing? ChaCha Answer: Promethazine is a sedative drug found in cough syrup. Hydrocodone is ... hydrocodone (hycodan) same thing Gnkr Byim Yjgp Qkig

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